The new PYP library

After a summer of hard work, the library branch for PYP has reopened this year with a whole load of changes.

On the side of the library plan we have shift to an open-space concept by knocking down all the inner walls and as a result there is much more space available for activities and resources can be distributed on a setting more convenient for the students.

New PYP facilities

Thanks to the new carpet and the ceiling tiles, the noise has been reduced, and with the new lighting, the setting it’s even more cozy.

Regarding the collection there is a significant amount of new resources both physical and digital, available throughout the Online Public Access Catalog:

Access to the private part is even easier than before, due to the single-sign-in policy that SEK it´s implementing, so students can access them with the same credentials that they use for the school e-mail. From there students will be able to manage their account: placing holds on resources, downloading e-books, extending loans, get information on the new acquisitions, rating books or building-up their reading lists.

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