INSPECTOR GREEN MYSTERY DAY etwinning celebration.



On the 12th of June we celebrated the final day of our eTwinning project called Inspector Green. Throughout the year we have been collaborating with our partners from Turkey, Poland and Slovenia foto 2 (3)and we have learned about some important environmental issues.

During the Inspector Green Mystery Day we wanted to show all the partners’ work in this project. Thus our parents, teacher and other students could see photos, posters, signs, Glogs as well as QR codes with the videos we made throughout the year.

As a special surprise, we prepared a drama representation of the story we wrote together with our partners. Two of our students prepared a PowerPoint presentation and others prepared some informative brochures about the project. Moreover other students became reporters and asked the parents their opinion about the project, took photos and made videos of the visitors.

In the end, visitors could tryfoto 3 (3) out some environmental games 3EP students prepared as well as have some snacks and cold drinks.

All in all, it has been a pleasant way of finishing our hard work!



You can watch the video of our show:



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