Hello friends,

Today we had the oportunity to work with our friends from 5th grade who took us to the local radio called Radio Silenci. 5th grade students have been giving online English classes to the listeners of Radio Silenci.

We recorded two sessions to evaluate and present our etwinning project Inspector Green. Inspector Green is a project we have been working on together with partners from Turkey, Poland and Slovenia. Through series of activities, we learned about the environment and how to keep our Earth clean. We are now in the final stage of the project which will finish on Friday 12th of June during out Inspector Green Mystery Day.

Today’s radio Silenci programme had two parts. In the first one, we were interviewed about our eTwinning project Inspector Green. 5th grade students asked us what the project was about, what we enjoyed the most and what we were working on now.

In the second part we sang a song called Save the planet which we had learned from from first grade students during the World Earth Day in April.

It was a lot fun so let’s hope we go back to Radio Silenci again!

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