CELEBRATING THE EARTH DAY- Inspector Green Project


On the 22nd of April, as part of the Inspector green project, 1EP and 3EP had the opportunity to go down to the forest to help clean up rubbish that had been left there.

Inspector Green project is an environmental project in which we collaborate with 3 other European schools, withing the eTwinning programme. We work together on different topics related to the environment and its protection.

We combine work on the poject with our inquiry units. So the Earth Day celebration was part of the environment unit Recursos Finitos, in which students learnt how best to keep the environment green.

At first both year groups gathered together in the forest to sing a song about protecting the environment, before going into the forest to pick up any waste material on the ground, and putting it into rubbish bins.

In the end, we invited our principal Mr. Prata celebrate with us this World Earth day and  reflect with all the students on the importance of working together to keep our Earth clean. All the students did really well so they all received a REUSE-REDUCE-RECYCLY-RESPECT sticker that proved them to be great Inspector Green inspectors!

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