eTwinning project in third grade Inspector Green

Dear friends,

We have been working with partner schools from Turkey, Poland and Slovenia on a project called Inspector Green. After the initial phase where we introduced each other, we started our work in international teams. Each team has students from Spain, Poland, Slovenia and Turkey and together we work on various quests.

In Art quest, we used a program called Glogster and made some nice posters about the teams. In Science quest, we became inspectors and investigated some environmental issues at our school. We found out some interesting facts and we will now  try to come up with ideas how to keep our school environmentally friendly.

During the month of April, we are writing a mystery story together with our partners. The main characters were invented by our Turkish partners, we continue the story and then send it to Poland who will then send their part of the story to our Slovenian friends.

In the end, we will celebrate Inspector Green Mystery Day and show all the results of our project. We will inform you in the future!

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