European Day of Languages

On Monday 26th of September, it was the European Day of Languages. For that reason, we have done various activities during the English lessons this week to adjust it to our timetable.

In grade 1, we listened to the song “Hello to all the Children in the World” and the kids sang along.
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In grade 2 the studenrussia-576x1024ts wrote the sentence “We are from____and we speak____” on the whiteboard and we “read” it out loud using our mother tongue. In second genglish-576x1024rade, there are children from Australia, Russia, Holland, Argentina and China. We a little bit more about languages by listening to their classmates.
In grade 3 we celebrated the European day of languages in our forest. We spoke about this special day, we sang a song in Czech and we made a video for our Italian friends. In the video we said hello in many different languages such as Spanish, Italian, Russian, English or even Japanese.

Grade 4 celebrated the European Day of Languages with a quiz about languages in the world. The questions were difficult, but they managed a good score. Some students volunteered to teach us some words in various languages as Chinese, Italian, Romanian and German. They even prepared a little summary to be displayed in the class.
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In grade 5 we invited all 5th grade students to some fun activities during English class. Our goal was to teach them some facts about the European countries and its languages and therewith to stress the importance of foreign language learning.
As a first game, we organized a Powe5-3-1024x768r Point Presentation, presenting 10 multiple-choice questions about Europe. Every corner represented one answer. Students needed to decide which one of the four answers is correct and to go to the corresponding corner. For every correct answer, the children got one “coin”. The one with the most “coins”, in the end, won.
As a second activity, students got different European flags and the words “good morning” in different European languages. In groups, they tried to match the flags with the right language words to find out how they say “good morning” in different countries/ languages. Once they found the pair, the stuck them on a map. They all had much fun by acquiring new knowledge in a playful way.

In grade 6, some students taught us a few words on their mother tongue. We learned a few words and we counted up to 10 in Romanian with David. We also counted with Noa in Dutch. We compared some words with Russian. Miguel tried hard to teach us the numbers in Chinese, it was fun when he wrote them on the board.6-2-1024x7686-1-1024x768

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